Designed Capacity Reached

  Our commitment – ​​standard product quality and consumption index, controllable production costs, stable equipment operation!

  The goals achieved by Xinhai EPC include achieving the expected recovery rate, meeting customer design capabilities, achieving product quality, meeting consumption index requirements, effectively controlling production costs, and ensuring stable operation of processes and equipment.

  The key to achieving the goal - recovery rate

  The goal achieved is the basis of investment estimation and economic benefit prediction in the “feasibility study report”, which is directly related to the interests of customers.

  Whether the recovery rate is guaranteed is the key to achieving the goal. When the recovery rate does not reach the expected value, it will cause huge losses to the concentrator, especially precious metals.

  Reasons for the failure to achieve the expected rate include: changes in ore properties, grinding fineness, concentration, reagent performance and amount, flotation time, mud content, mechanical properties, etc. Any of the above problems may affect the recovery rate, so the recovery rate is unpredictable, and no company will be responsible for the problem because there are so many companies in the construction of the concentrator.

  The Xinhai EPC service guarantees that the recovery rate reaches the expected value and solves all the above problems, making the concentrator ready to start and reach the target.

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